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For the last 18 years Henna4You has provided the elegant artistry of henna temporary tattooing to wedding parties, showers, birthday parties, corporate events, and attendees of conventions, festivals, and community events including those thrown by City of Toronto, Fan Expo & Comicon, City of Waterloo, Toronto Argonauts, Gillette and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Bhupi, Artist and Owner of Henna4You, learned the Art of Henna while backpacking through a tiny village in Rajasthan, India 20 years ago. Her work has graced the skin of over 300 brides and their wedding parties, and thousands of event guests. Born to Indian parents in East Africa, Bhupi was raised in London, England, and settled in Cambridge, Ontario, 12 years ago with her family.

She has served clients in the GTA, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo/Tricities, Niagara Region, Ottawa, USA, Europe as well as destination weddings in the Carribean and Mexico with her henna talents. Bhupi draws upon the cultural teachings of her family, her upbringing in Africa and England, and her later worldwide travels for inspiration when she creates original designs and adapts pop culture symbols to her henna work.

Henna4You prides itself on using only 100% naturally grown, certified organic henna without any preservatives, additives or chemicals. The paste, made 24 hours prior to an event, includes; henna powder, tea tree oil, lemon juice and cane sugar.

Our artists are professionals who use their skills to quickly and personably provide henna art to everyone interested and make sure that guests are not kept waiting as our line is often continuous. We provide a wide variety of samples for guests to be inspired by, from Bollywood glamour to Trekkie allegiance. All of our guests are attended to with respect – all questions are answered thoroughly and thoughtfully – and receive aftercare instructions to get the most out of their henna experience.


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Mill Creek Road
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