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Which Old Henna Wedding Traditions are Practised Today?

There are several traditions which have held on to this day, the original reasons may not be applicable, but the end result or desire is the same as it was back them. Some examples:

  • The initials of the groom were hidden within the intricate bridal design. This created an ice breaker for the couple, who, about 80% of the time, had not met each other until their wedding day. The groom would have to find his initials in the design in front of the family. If he couldn’t find them, then the bride was allowed to request a gift, such as a diamond ring. vacation, time to visit with her family.
  • It is, or used to be believed that the darkness of the henna stain indicated how much your new mother-in-law would love you!
  • The darker the colour of your henna; the more 'vibrant' and 'successful' your marriage would be.
  • And our personal favourite, there is a tradition which says that a bride cannot do any household chores until the last bit of her henna has disappeared. When the henna finally comes off, the 'honeymoon' ends, and the new bride will make dinner for the groom's family members, which could be as many as thirty to fifty people. Luckily, in return, She will receive gifts including money, jewellery, and new clothes. She will have her mehendhi done again, but this time, she will be considered a family member and not a new bride.

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