White Henna

I feel the need to address this, as I'm being constantly asked about white, black, gold and whether henna is available in any other colour.

You have probably seen lots of pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all over the internet of henna designs being Shelby White Henna Kids Finger Paintpainted in different colours.

FACT - there is NO such thing as "white" or any other coloured henna. Henna powder is made by drying and grinding the leaves of the henna plant into a fine powder (the consistency of icing sugar).

White "henna" as its being referred to is basically white paint. After extensive research these are our findings:

  • Acrylic paint is being used which contains lead.
  • Others are mixing paint with craft glue to make it last longer.
  • Craft glitter is being mixed in with the paint.
  • Some are using interior and exterior house paint.
  • Oil paint is another ingredient, mixed with glue to create the consistency of henna.

Good quality and safe white body paint is more expensive than purchasing henna powder.  But, lets compare the cost of a reputable white liquid eyeliner to white acrylic paint; Sephora retails at $18 for 0.019 oz and Michaels cheapest brand "Smart Craft" is less than a $1 for 2 fl oz.  By using Sephora's eyeliner, you will only be able to draw one intricate hand design.  The cost difference is tremendous. This is just an example of retail items that are readily available at the Mall.  When you consider how much professional body paint costs ($50+), no artist should be able to offer this service at a low price. 

Our skin is our largest organ and everything is absorbed into our body. Ingredients in arcylic paints are banned for use in food, drug or cosmetics making them completely UNSAFE to use as body paint.

Today, the environment plays such a huge part in our health.  Everyone is developing sensitivies to everyday food products that we grew up with.  We are slowly poisoning our bodies by allowing chemicals to penetrate our bodies.  If we are conscious of what we are eating, why aren't we doing the same where fashion and trends are concerned?

Henna4You has used kids finger paint. It only lasted a few hours and washed away instantly with soap and water.  Even though finger paint is considered safe to use, its only designed to be used whilst painting and not for hours.

We are still at an early experimental stage and once we have a safe solution, we will be offering this service to our clients. 

Contact us for a free consulation or to book our services for your event.


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