Free Gift To You

Today, I am sharing my abundance mandala. It's my blessing to you from the universe.

When you say a mantra to the universe, its listening.

Friday Giftandala INAbundance to each and every one of you, will mean something different; for some, it will be financial, for others love, for some friends, for a young mum it could be something so simple like sleep.

Everyone has issues and as individuals, we just have to learn to accept that.  Before judging anyone, take a moment and see what it would like to be in their shoes.  People put on a brave face and you have no idea what's going on in their life, be blessed that they touched yours.

Your heart will tell you what you need. Choose the title of whatever you want in abundance in your life for your mandala and simply colour it. Your title can be your mantra and when you say a mantra out loud to the universe, it is listening. Remember to breathe. You may need a few mandalas.

Put them in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen. Every time you look at your mandala, it is sending a message to wherever it needs to go.

All I ask in return, is that you share at least one on our social media. I don't need to know the title as that's personal to you but I'm fascinated to see the what colours you are drawn to. Make sure to tag us on twitter, instagram, facebook or linkdIn, our handle is super easy @henna4you

If you want to create your own, we run workshops, just get in touch with Bhupi.  You can call or text her 519 741 7007



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