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Not only are henna applications a soothing, relaxing experience, but the henna plant itself is known to have healing qualities including anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (naturally cooling), and analgesic (pain relief). Henna applications can be used to aid healing in a great number of physical, mental and emotional ailments.


You’re body temperature is nearing nuclear, you feel like you look like you swallowed a basketball, your feet and ankles are swollen (you think, you can’t see them), and your head hurts. There are a few things about pregnancy that your mother didn’t warn you about! Henna applications can help you cool down (especially during those summer pregnancies), provide relief from swollen ankles and feet, and reduce headache pain. Oh yes, and henna designs are beautiful! Our henna is completely safe for use during pregnancy, and is a good excuse for some pampering.

Cancer Patients

Peacock Henna CrownHenna for healing benefits cancer patients in a variety of ways. Those going through radiation who receive henna applications have reported relief from radiation burn and relaxed (Note that henna is not applied to the radiation site). Henna applications provide the opportunity for cancer patients to relax, take time for themselves and be pampered, and will not interact with chemotherapy and other medications. Stick to the traditional or choose specific designs to represent your strength, your journey, what you’re fighting for, or yourself. Support your loved ones going through cancer treatment by choosing a group design. Superhero logos? We’ve got those!


Henna crowns are applied to the heads of women experiencing baldness for any reason, including diseases such as alopecia or the effects of chemotherapy. The soothing experience of henna application can not only ease physical discomfort, but restore feelings of confidence and beauty to women who may feel displaced without natural hair. Customize your design to reflect yourself, your journey, or a special event.


Prices are determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for a quote.

If you cannot afford treatment:

We are excited to be working with HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre in Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge. HopeSpring offers a variety of services resources to people in the community affected by cancer, including emotional support, wigs etc.  

To book a private booking please call us on 519 741 7007 or filll out the form below.

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