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DIY Henna Kits


DIY Henna! Our henna kits are a unique gift for the artists in your life, and are a fun way to treat yourself to temporary body art whenever inspiration strikes.

Think you can’t be a henna artist? You can! The artistry of henna lies within your own creativity. Elegant designs are as simple as laying a couple of long lines on your hand and connecting them with a few swirls and curls that your creative eye will adorn with dots and dabs to create your own work of heart. And practice! And Pinterest, baby! Henna is great fun for Girl’s Night In, birthday parties, and lazy weekends at the cottage (or your backyard oasis).

Each kit includes:
• Detailed, simple paste-preparation instructions
• Application how-to
• After Care instructions
• 100 grams of high-quality certified organic henna powder (that’s enough for over 300 small designs!)
• 6 Application Bags
• Simple henna designs to kick-start your creativity

Please fill out the order form below. Tax and Shipping will be calculated and added to your invoice after your order is placed (note that payment information is not required until shipping has been calculated). Shipping within Ontario is only $8.75. We will ship your henna kit within 24 hours of receiving payment.

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