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Bridal After Care


Several hours of your time go into the application of your bridal mehendi. Follow these instructions to make it last and get optimal colour so that you can enjoy your personalised design for the whole of your wedding celebrations.

Before your mehendi application make the henna fixing solution by mixing 2 heaping tablespoons of white/granulated sugar in a mug of hot water, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.

After your mehendi application allow the henna paste to dry until a crust forms, which can take from 1 to 4 hours. Then quickly dip a cotton ball into your pre-mixed fixing solution and gently dab the paste to rehydrate it slightly. Do not soak the cotton ball or the paste; this will cause streaks of henna to stain your skin and ruin your artwork. Rehydrating the paste causes it to release more dye, enhancing the colour of your design.

Leave the henna paste on your skin for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours. The longer the paste remains on your skin, the darker the colour will be. The darker the colour is, the better the intricate details of your design will show. Think about your photos!

Get Cosy

It is critical to keep your henna paste warm during those first 24 hours after your mehendi application to ensure that the stain darkens to its deepest colour. If you can, sleep with the henna crust on for the best possible stain.

To remove the henna crust, apply a generous amount of cooking or coconut oil and gently rub off the paste with your hands. This job is best done standing in the shower or bathtub – our henna paste is made entirely of natural ingredients that will not clog the drain or release harmful chemicals into the water system. If the paste does not remove easily, use the back (the flat!) edge of a butter knife to gently scrape the paste away. In case it’s not clear, be gentle with your skin!

Whether you’ve removed the crust or have decided to sleep with it on, as you prepare for bed, put cotton socks over your hands and feet. The socks should be loose, and preferably not socks you plan to wear to work because the stain will transfer to the material. The socks helps to protect your bed sheets but most importantly keep the stain warm through the night. Be sure to use cheap bed linens because, despite all precautions, the henna will stain the sheets.

Don’t Do it!

DON’T wash the crusted paste off. This will prevent maximum colour, and will ruin the design.
DON’T use lemon juice to remove the crusted paste. Because we use lemon juice in the paste to start, the acidity of the added lemon juice will alter the colour of your stain unpredictably.
DON’T use plastic to cover the design at any time. Plastic doesn’t breathe, which will make you sweat and dampen the design, which will ruin it.

The Life and Times of your Henna Stain

After removing the crusted paste, your henna stain will appear orange. Don’t panic! The stain will darken to a desirable dark red brown over the next 48 hours. Stain on your hands and feet will darken more than anywhere else henna is applied. The final colour and longevity of the henna application vary per person, skin type, and environmental factors. The design will last from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your aftercare routine (we suggest you continue to beg off of chores for those 2 weeks after the wedding *wink*)

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