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Henna and the Spa

How to pamper yourself and make your henna last

If a trip to the spa is part of your wedding day preparations make sure treatments occur at least 24 hours before your mehendi application; that’s at least 3 days before your wedding because the bridal mehendi needs to be applied and left alone to darken for 2 days. Many spa treatments include exfoliating, and the use of oils and lotions that will destroy your henna. Here are some guidelines and explanations of how certain spa and at-home pampering treatments will affect your mehendi design.

When Should I Wax?

Was leaves a residue on the skin that will affect the paste’s ability to adhere to and stain the skin. Schedule your waxing treatment for at least 24 hours before your mehendi application, and gently scrub your waxed skin the day of the mehendi application to ensure the residue is fully removed.

When Should I Shave?

Shaving can be done right before your mehendi application, but then not until after the wedding. It is an exfoliating process which will scrape off the top layer of your henna design, altering the colour and longevity of the application.

When Should I Get a Manicure or Pedicure?

Manicures and Pedicures can take place right up until the morning of the mehendi application day, but 24 hours before is safest. The exfoliating treatments, lotions and oils used in manis and pedis leave residue on your skin that will prevent the henna paste from properly staining the skin, and adversely affect the colour and longevity of your mehendi art. Skin must be washed and scrubbed free of these before the mehendi application.

Can I put lotion on my henna?

Moisturising feels so good, but is so very bad for henna both before and after the application. The perfumes in moisturisers and lotions get in between the skin and the henna stain which will stop the henna from darkening to its fullest potential (science!). This also means you can beg off of cleaning, and other manual labour because you shouldn’t expose your skin to the harsh weather or dishwater that makes your skin require moisturising, or risk exfoliating your skin while folding laundry! Indian brides especially note that traditionally the bride does no housework until after the wedding!

Can I wear perfume?

Yes! But avoid putting perfume on the henna design as the alcohol in the perfume will damage the stain.







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