In my mind, nobody says it better than RuPaul, “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

It makes me smile every time I hear it now, although it felt like a slap in the face years after my last relationship ended, and I was still single.

More money would make a big difference in your life; you’ve thought it, we have too. Even just a little, tiny bit more could lift you up! That’s why you buy the scratch tickets, go to the BINGO hall, and enter the 50/50 draws. It doesn’t cost you much to try, and you can’t win if you don’t play.

No matter your cultural or religious background, there’s a pretty good chance that you have to dig into your budget and supply gifts for someone at some point every year – often multiple times per year. Many of us have a go-to gift shop, and even a gift bin hidden under the bed that gets refilled every time you come across a good sale.

Menopause seriously sucks the fun out of everything. Here you are in the prime of your life, the kids are old enough to make their own lunches, you can go away for girls’ weekend without feeling guilty that you’re not at home helping out, work’s good, your mortgage is coming down, and you’re totally ready to embrace wellness activities for the mind and body. You are SO ready for your 40s and 50s.

The holidays can feel like a whirlwind from the time we start shopping, planning big meals, wrapping, and frantically cleaning the house while our kids/spouse/pets run around behind us making a mess. This year, we have been given the gift of less social commitments, less access to shopping malls, and more time stuck inside to spend quality time doing what truly matters. Give yourself a break this year and have more fun!

So you’ve suddenly found yourself with a house full of kids who have endless energy and a shockingly short attention span. Seriously though, how DO they have that much energy? And can they give some to us?

I get this question a lot, and the short answer is NO, it’s not offensive to get henna if your culture hasn’t been using it for thousands of years! I honestly cannot think of a single situation in which a henna application could be relevantly viewed as disrespectful, aside from if the design itself was intended to be.

We can all relate to this moment: You receive yet another invitation to attend a birthday party, anniversary party, baby shower, wedding, or graduation and you think for a moment, Do I really need to go? It’s difficult not only to fit a fete into our jammed schedules, it’s also a challenge to find the energy to celebrate our friends and family as they deserve on their big day. And so, that little voice inside suggests that maybe we skip this one.

Before buying pre-made cones from the grocery or any store, ask the store owner/sales associates the following questions to determine how safe their cones really are.

Quite recently our fabulous Henna4You leader, Bhupi, missed the last step walking down into her basement. We’ve all done that, but perhaps not as spectacularly as Bhupi: she broke one ankle and sprained the other. While recovering from eye surgery.

You spend most of your waking life at work, parking in the same spot, sitting at the same desk, in the same chair, surrounded by the same people. You get into what you think is a routine, but in reality is a rut. There’s little time in your corporate life to build a strong team atmosphere without the opportunity to spend time with your colleagues when you aren’t on a deadline. But at the end of the day you just want to run errands and go home. That’s when corporate retreats, office holiday parties, or even team potluck lunches comes in handy.

Often news about henna is about allergic reaction and chemical burns to synthetic henna paste, and while I continue to caution you about black and white henna, and henna paste made with anything other than natural ingredients, there is a lot more to talk about. So let’s get to it!

As a henna artist and owner of a henna business, I spend a lot of time with families. I love attending children’s birthday parties and letting the kids go through my art books to choose a henna design from the huge list of cartoon characters and pop culture logos I have on hand, or listening to their customized requested that they’ve dreamed up in their minds. 

For almost four years, I’ve been trying to find the right words for this blog. Today, I just decided to take the bull by the horn and share my feelings.

I thought I would talk a little bit about what it’s like to be a business owner from a woman’s perspective because, I’m really glad to say, that I meet more and more women who have entered entrepreneurship all the time. And it’s wonderful and terrifying and exhilarating and confusing and so completely satisfying! I really feel like we need to talk about these things more so that we can come to this conclusion: we’re normal! The primary reason I started this blog was to keep in contact with my clients, and I love that I have the platform to connect with you and have many conversations on self-care, creativity, and living our best lives.

The henna plant is a shrub native to Asia, Australia, and northern Africa. It’s very pretty, grows delicate flowers that range in colours from red to white, and so it’s not a surprise to see it in gardens. Historically, cultures found in those regions have harvested the leaves of the henna plant, dried and milled them into a powder for use in henna temporary body art for generations over thousands of years. It’s painless and beautiful, so it’s easy to understand why the practice has persisted and become a fashion statement all over the world.  

Tattoos, piercings, henna, body paint, scarification, branding, temporary tattoos, bling, shimmer dust…why do people indulge in body art? Self-expression is a key component of a healthy state of mind. When we take an opportunity to express ourselves with our voices, we feel that we are making a contribution to the situation, be that a problem or a celebration. 

Henna4You is breaking tradition and rules. We are bringing down the barriers and have gone rogue.

To test the colour of our henna paste, Bhupi ran an experiment while temperatures plummeted to -35 over the winter. Using our 100% certified organic henna powder mixed with lemon juice, sugar & tea tree oil, she applied henna to the palm of her hand and followed the same aftercare instructions we give to you, our clients.  Photographs were taken over the 3 days.

The henna artistry of Henna4You does take a turn towards pop culture these days – you want a Wonder Woman tattoo, we’ve got you covered! Our traditional designs stem from East Asian inspirations, the birth place of henna after all. Also from this culture comes the mindful meditation of mandalas and mantras. The benefits of practicing mandala artistry and meditative mantras include relaxation, improved focus, and general wellness that comes with taking time for yourself, which in our busy North American culture is extremely satisfying!

You can identify the most well-known signs of stress by now, thanks to the growing conversation we’re having about mental health. You notice it more in others than yourself, but when you realize you’ve been clenching your jaw, holding your breath, lost your appetite, and experience unexpected moodiness that you should probably go for a walk. That’s fantastic!

You’ve heard the old adage, There are 3 sides to every story: your side, their side, and the truth. While not as immediately inspiring as wise words about climbing mountains and perseverance, it’s a reminder of one of the keys to a healthy mindset: realistic perception. The ability to make a distinction between what is really happening and how your feelings may cause you to see it as negative or impossible when the occurrence is neutral, or even beneficial, can diffuse stress and allow for innumerable learning experiences. In short: when you take the time to see the world clearly, you ditch a ton of stress.

I’m of Indian descent, although I wasn’t born in India, and henna is a part of our culture so it was something I grew up with. But I didn’t get started as a henna artist until I was in my early 20s while backpacking through India, a world away from my native England and yet a place still very much home. I’ve always been a visual artist, so adding henna to my repertoire was a no-brainer, especially in the small Indian village I learned – it’s not like we could just go the mall to hang out! And besides, I was there to connect with my extended family and ancestral heritage.

A while back we talked about how to take the stress out of birthday party planning, but now we want to talk about making art the focus of your party.

Human beings make thousands of decisions every day, anything from the inconsequential to the life-changing. You know you’re overwhelmed by decision making when you get to the point where you feel like your brain is floating, you’re having trouble concentrating, you can’t make simple choices, and you feel like you’re going to snap at the next person who asks if you want to get sushi or subs for lunch.

Most of us are completely dependent on our mobile devices whether it be a smartphone, laptop or tablet. I know I am, my business runs via my smartphone.

Habits, rituals, routines, whatever you call your repetitively scheduled events you get a sense of serenity when they go as planned. Even if you hate waking up every morning at your usual 6 a.m. you fear the resulting chaos of sleeping through your alarm more. A healthy routine supports your personal and professional needs while leaving room for spontaneity. In 2017 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to 2 scientists for proving just how powerful our internal clock is to our daily schedule. How can you tell when you’ve got things down to an art and when you should let your hair down? It all depends on how you feel in relation to your personal goals and your health.

Still searching for the perfect gifts and aren’t sure where to turn? We’ve all got someone on our list who is challenging to shop for, and the truth is how much stuff do people really need? The best gifts are useful, and from the heart. How about a gift-giving strategy aimed at reducing stress, both for the gift-giver and the giftee? Yes, it’s really possible! To reduce your own gift-giving stress, we’ve compiled a list of gifts and experiences designed to soothe, pamper, and encourage proper self-care for everyone on your list from your kid’s teacher to your mother-in-law.

Summer’s over and we’ve got the kids back on a proper sleep schedule, we’re making lunches every night, and everyone’s back to school or work, as per usual. A month into the new school year and you’ve finally got a moment, and you think; my GOSH that took me a lot of work! Herding your family back into a healthy routine sets them up for success, so it’s a worthwhile effort. How have you incorporated your own self-care into your family’s routine?

It’s only September, but we have to talk about end of the year festivities. I know! I hear you, summer is barely over, but it’s not like I’m whipping out the Christmas carols just yet, (I am chilling the bubbly – no need to wait for New Year’s Eve to pop that open). What do December and January have to do with henna? If you’re planning on pulling off The Party of the Season, everything!

Six months in advance you start to browse Pinterest. By 2 months before you’re sweating. The week leading up to the big date you can’t eat, can’t sleep. We’re not talking about your wedding, or even the arrival of a new baby.

We’re talking about your kid’s birthday party!

Vacation season is here in Canada and we, like you, couldn’t be more excited! For Henna4You it means festival season and we’re having a blast all over southern Ontario meeting new faces and delighting festival goers with traditional, custom, and fandom temporary tattoos. When you see us, why not ask for a design to compliment your bathing suit?

Whether it’s for your wedding, a birthday party, corporate event, community event or simply a girls’ night in, choosing the right henna artist will make or break your event.

India’s cinematic Hindi culture has a glamourous style that has become popular all the way around the globe with immense popularity. Known as Bollywood Glamour, its striking use of bright colour, gold and bejeweled body ornaments, and intricate henna designs cascading over hands and feet is a far cry from the silhouette-hugging, monochromatic drama of the western world’s Hollywood typical style.

We are all unique and own our style whether it’s the way we dress, do our hair or makeup. We all want to be noticed in some way or other and henna is a great way to stand out. Pinterest is a wonderful tool, giving us inspiration for fashionable and creative ways to showcase our individual style. It’s full of beautiful photographs of intricate body art created with natural, black and, white henna paste.