Choosing the Right Henna Artist For Your Event

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Whether it’s for your wedding, a birthday party, corporate event, community event or simply a girls’ night in, choosing the right henna artist will make or break your event.

How do you decide?

Initially, talk to friends, family and colleagues as well as a Google search. Take advantage of all the resources available at your fingertips. Once you have found a few artists, browse their websites. Do they provide lots of information, does it provide clarity and build your confidence or are you confused?

Don’t forget to check their testimonials – what do their clients have to say?

Create your first shortlist, email them, asking for availability, prices, etc. Most artists should get back to you within 24-48 hour time frame.

questions-to-askAsking the right questions should provide you with enough information to proceed with your booking.

Henna4You has compiled a list of frequently asked questions by corporate, community, brides, parents, event planners and added some more:

  1. How long have they been an artist?
  2. Do they use natural brown henna? Can they provide a list of ingredients?
  3. Do they make their own paste or is it purchased from a store or is someone else making it? This is a very important question because we have so many allergies, food and environmental sensitivities. There is nothing worse than a client reacting to chemicals in the henna. Negativity spreads faster within the community.
  4. Do they have liability insurance?
  5. What is the coverage of their liability insurance?
  6. Do the staff have police checks?
  7. Do they have AODA training (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)?
  8. Do they have First Aid training?
  9. Do they provide your guests/clients with aftercare instructions?
  10. Do they have an hourly rate or do they charge per person/design?
  11. Do they have a non-profit rate?
  12. How many people can they henna in one hour? This is important if your event has a large number of guests.
  13. What supplies are included in the price? You will be surprised to learn that some artists charge extra for henna supplies.
  14. Do they provide chairs, tables?
  15. Do they have a corporate design book to handle large crowds?
  16. What designs are included?
  17. Can they create a custom design book for your event? If yes, is there an extra charge?
  18. Do you provide a volunteer on the day of the event or will the artists bring someone to take care of the line-ups? What is the charge for their administrative personnel?choosing henna artist
  19. What set up do they require?
  20. Do they need extra lighting?
  21. If your event is outdoors, do they have a tent?
  22. Is there a charge while they are setting up the tent?
  23. How many artists will be at the event and what are the charges?
  24. How many other events have they participated in?
  25. Can they provide references? This is important for large events. If they refuse, you know there is a problem. If they are happy to divulge after getting permission from their clients, it shows professionalism.
  26. Can they provide an invoice?
  27. How much deposit is required?
  28. Is there a cancellation policy?
  29. What is the cancellation fee?
  30. Is there a contract?
  31. Do they have a uniform?
  32. Do they speak English? I know this one seems out there but I've been to events where the artists can't have a conversation with the guests.

If your event requires special clothing, ask if they will wear it? Henna4You has been asked to wear Indian clothes on several occasions to give the event an ethnic feel or evening attire for Black tie affairs. A number of times, we've been given clothes for the event.

For Parents and Brides, we’ve added extra questions:
(not all will apply to birthday parties but it gives you an idea).

Brides, it is imperative that you book a consultation and meet with your henna artist. Personal impressions last, ask more questions and make sure you are 100% confident that this is the right artist for you.

  1. Browse their portfolio. Do they have a wide range of designs that are suitable? Can they adapt to your designs? If you have designs you want to incorporate within your own patterns, make sure you take them with you. If you are printing from the internet or a magazine, please ask the artist in question for their permission. All artwork has copyright. If its an idea board, you don't need to worry but copying someone else's work is unethical.
  2. Confirm prices. Are there any hidden costs such as an extra artist?
  3. How do they calculate their travel charge? Henna4You charges by the km for the round trip from our studio in Cambridge to the venue. If they don’t, ask them why. How do they calculate? You don’t want a surprise $200-$400 travel charge on the day. And I've seen it happen.
  4. Ask for a test sample the artist should charge you between $5-$20. Most will deduct this from your final bill. Make sure the artist knows before your consultation, so that she is prepared.
  5. What is the minimum or maximum number of guests they can handle?
  6. How do they track your guests? Henna4You, writes each guest's name with designs we applied so that when we hand you our bill, it is 100% accurate. If you have any doubts on the night of the event, ask someone to double check.
  7. Are their hours flexible?
  8. Is there a waiting fee? We know that functions run late; so make sure you have read the small print about waiting fees.

I hope this has provided you a starting point on how to choose the right henna artist for your event. Whether it’s a small birthday party with 5 guests or a huge promotional event with 100's or 1000's attendees, or a wedding with 50 guests, make sure you ask questions and be confident that you have booked the right company.

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Henna4you is now based in St Catharines, Ontario however we are more than happy to travel to your henna party or event! Our professional henna artists have travelled to Pittsburgh, New York, and Seattle in the U.S. and even to Mexico and Switzerland for events. In Ontario, we can easily cover parties in the following cities:

  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo
  • Cambridge
  • Hamilton
  • St Catharines
  • Niagara
  • Pelham
  • Fort Erie
  • Burlington
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  • Oakville
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