Henna4You is breaking tradition and rules. We are bringing down the barriers and have gone rogue.

Henna is not just for girls anymore. Mum's are having a really tough time trying to find creative ways to add some pazzaz to a boys party. Being of mum of two teenage boys, I know how they feel. The parties are either really expensive or lame. There is nothing in between.

Boys have so many interests and it's kinda tough to try come up with something cool. So, I put my marketing degree to use and spent the last two years chatting to guys of all ages that visit our booth every summer with their girlfriends, mates, siblings, wives and asked what they would like to see in a design book.

Henna4BoysAfter lots of research and collaboration with the Henna4You team, we've added a twist and created an amazing design book with Comic-Con style henna designs. It's a major Nerd alert but also for those well-rounded kids with interest in Star Trek, Star Wars, superheroes, and villains.

Don't worry, we still bring our regular design books because we can't leave the dragons, geckos and other ferocious animals behind.

Now, Henna4You can truly say, we cater parties for everyone and all age groups.

Are you ready to have some fun?

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