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“Remember the going will get tough, but you are the Unstoppable! Keep up the Fire, burning inside your Heart to Chase & Achieve Dreams!”
― Avijeet Das

I think it is safe to assume this year has tested everyone. During the pandemic, I ended a long-term relationship and experience a season of unemployment. For my family's safety and my How to be unstoppable during pandemic and beyond FBown, I went months without seeing those closest to me.

The degrees of impact this pandemic has had are different for everyone, but one thing I have learned is that even during a global pandemic people can be unstoppable. We have an opportunity when we are tested to take all the hardship coming at us and grow. What’s that cliché about a diamond? It only earns its sparkle from the pressure it endures.

What makes people unstoppable and how can you master some traits to make a change in your life?

Here are a few suggestions to become unstoppable now and beyond:

Once you are comfortable in your own skin you will become unstoppable

Confidence helps us be prepared for life experiences. When we are confident in ourselves, we know our skills and abilities. It means we can trust ourselves to set realistic expectations and goals. Confidence allows us to see our strengths and when we fail we know ourselves well enough to try again. Confidence helps us to move forward after we fail.

Failures doubts IN

Experiencing failure, and choosing to keep going isn’t easy. The more you fail at something the chance of feeling foolish grows, those around you might even ridicule you for continuing down a path that you haven’t found success on. But people who can consistently fail and try again are the ones who will be unstoppable. The more often you navigate failure successfully, the stronger and more resilient you become.


A determined soul INWe need determination in order to face difficulties, it allows us to be persistent. Without determination, we will fail at both big and small goals. Determination helps us to be creative and imaginative because when we come across an obstacle, we will not let it stop us. We will use that creativity to succeed.

Take Your Feet Off Catrice Jackson IN

People who take a risk are rewarded because they used courage in the face of fear and uncertainty. Even if you failed from the risk you grow through the process. By continuing to take risks you overcome your fear of failure, and you will begin to care less what people think.

A Diamond Solange Nicole IN

Taking on these traits in your life won’t change you overnight, but like a diamond, over time you will become unstoppable.

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Feeling creative? You can learn Henna & Mandalas

We offer workshops where you can learn how to draw mandalas. The workshops are currently online through our sister company Manadalas4You. During the pandemic, we are not offering any in-person group workshops.

Stay tuned! Our Henna Workshops are in progress and will be available in the Fall. Join our waitlist for more information.

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