Henna4You will come to your location – schools, colleges and universities, Girl Guides, camps, senior’s centres included – to teach your students or group about the traditions and evolution of henna.

Henna is an intrinsic part of many cultures in regions where the henna plant is abundant, including South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. For centuries these people have incorporated henna traditions into their celebrations and daily life, even for healing. We teach the historical timeline of this rich tradition and how it has become a popular fashion trend and cross-cultural link today.

And of course everyone has the opportunity to receive a small design! (Note that students younger than 18 require a signed permission form to participate in the henna application. The form will be emailed as soon as we have received the deposit).

Henna tattoos are freehand works of art that range from pop-culture designs to traditional intricate motifs. Our henna tattoos are chemical-free, semi-permanent body art, which appeal to people of all generations and cultures. We take care to prepare henna paste that is completely natural, safe for all ages, sensitive skin, and allergies.

Presentations can be customised to concentrate on specific traditions, cultural groups, themes, ages, etc. Contact us to find out how we can tailor this unique educational experience for your needs.

We arrive with everything we need, all we ask of you is a blank wall or screen to point our projector at.

To receive a quote please fill out our contact form or call (519) 741 7007.